This Couple: Part 3

Here is step three of this drawing. Basically, everything is all laid out and ready to begin laying in some tones or shadows. This goes through a lot of checking and little adjustments. At this point, I always want to be sure that the subjects are somewhat recognizable before moving on. By the way, this is Anne and Gilbert of the “Anne of Green Gables” movie series.


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This Couple: Step 2

Here is step 2. I finished the super basic outline silhouette of the drawing. Next step will take longer with placing the shapes of the facial features. In case you were wondering this is 11×14 bristol paper and I’m just using an HB graphite pencil so far. Can you tell who it is yet?


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Another New One, Coming Soon

I started a new drawing last night! I’m not going to tell who it is yet, unless you are a really good guesser and can tell who it is. You can tell by the shapes that there are two people. It’s been a while since I had done a drawing with more than one subject. I might post progress pictures on my instagram, @nicoledrawing, but I can post them here as well if you’d like to see that. Let me know in the comments.


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New and Improved…

Tom Hanks! It was an easy choice to redo the drawing I did back in December. I didn’t mind how it turned out then but I also knew it could be better. I went through the online course I took, and mentioned in my last post, step by step, and really took my time making sure this turns out. Here is the result!

Here’s the steps taken (kind of).

I started with the basic layout. I actually did this drawing with the way you learn in most basic drawing classes, with lines and circles. The instructor explained it so simply, a light bulb went on in my head and I finally was able to use this method successfully.  Next was adding shadow shapes and the actual features and final checking over and over again to make sure everything was in it’s proper place.Photo Apr 12, 9 52 24 AM 

 Next was what’s called “Keying the Drawing” to get the contrast I wanted. I started with the eyes.  Then I moved on to the forehead, than the nose. The instructor called this “modeling the form” which is pretty helpful in remembering to make the shapes on the face more defined.Next, the mouth and chin.    On to the ear, cheek and hair. Then finished off with the neck and the collar of the jacket.Photo Apr 19, 11 10 16 AM

 I’m going to be bold and say the improvement is awesome! It took me about 10-12 hours to do. Significantly longer than the original 2 1/2 hours. I knew taking my time makes a big difference.  Proportions are much better and the facial features are better placed and angled. What do you think?

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Never Stop Learning

2015 has been the year of learning to improve. I began the year looking into Classical Drawing and trying out some Bargue drawings. I think because of those, I’ve ditched the “grid method”. I also bought and read the book “Lessons in Classical Drawing: Essential Techniques from Inside the Atelier” by Juliette Aristides 


This book was so great and got me excited to try drawing more than just portraits, although I haven’t tried too much yet.

Most recently I actually followed an online drawing course from a legit art school in Chicago called Vitruvian Studio. This online portrait drawing course was exactly what I’ve always wanted in a drawing course. The instructor explained things in such a way, and with real time demonstration, I had so many a-ha moments and I got so much out of it.

I have drawn a new drawing since finishing the course but I haven’t scanned/photographed it. Hopefully that happens tomorrow, but I will say that it is a redraw of a drawing I did in December to show the difference and improvements. I think there are many.

To learn about the drawing course, click here.

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Art Nouveau Inspired Done

Here is the completed drawing. I had a lot of fun figuring out the design details that would work with what I started with. Since I don’t have design and illustration skills, I needed to look online and mix and match from what I found.

Also, I know the actual portrait is not exactly period correct, since art nouveau was at its peek at the turn of the 20th century, and this picture is from a vintage 1920’s photo. Oh well, still works for me.

Keep Drawing!

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Art Nouveau

While reading up on Classical Drawing, most courses have you do a “master copy”. I haven’t done this yet, but I have looked for some master artists pencil drawings, and I’ve discovered Alphonse Mucha’s sketches.
After seeing these, illustration seemed possible. Illustration is not my strong suit. Ironic, considering that I wanted to be an illustrator when I was younger. But I thought I should just try a little art nouveau style in a drawing. This is a work in progress of course, so not very nouveau-ish yet, but I will be adding more elements.

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Lea Michele Completed with Video

All done! This drawing was fun to do and video. I’m glad I zoomed in on it more so you can better see what I’m doing. The dress wasn’t as challenging as I thought it would be. I was nervous when I got to it, but it all went smoothly and I think (or hope), it has a satin-y look to the fabric.

Are you a fan of “Glee”? I watched the first two seasons, but didn’t care for the story lines so I stopped watching it. I did enjoy most of the music and performances. When Lea Michele’s Rachel Berry sang “Don’t Rain on My Parade” in season 1, I got serious chills.


Keep Drawing!

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Work in Progress: Lea Michele

I know I said I’d have a work in progress posted here by the weekend, so I’m a little late with this but here is the latest. I’m also filming this one as a time lapse. I’m excited about it since I’ve wanted to film a grey toned paper drawing for a while and it’s turning out pretty good.

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Checking In and More To Come

I have nothing new to show right now. Hopefully I will this week. At least a work in progress. This may sound lame, but since season 3 of “House of Cards” and “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” were released on Netflix, my husband and I have been watching these shows every night, and I don’t want to draw during them. But we did finish the former last night.

I may have an announcement next week! I’m not 100% positive yet. We’ll see how this weekend goes.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it goes according to plan.

I hope everyone has a great week!

Keep drawing!

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