Little dreams

I mentioned that I would talk about drawings from the past so let’s get started with that.

When I was in 3rd grade, I decided that I wanted to be an illustrator when I grew up. I liked writing little stories and illustrating them. I would copy cartoon drawings and draw animals. Alas that dream didn’t come to fruition (is that the word?), I discovered my love for the realistic portrait instead. When I was 13, the 1996 Olympic gymnasts blew my mind and I became a fast fan. For some reason, I decided to start drawing gymnasts. It was fun and it’s the only thing I drew for a good year.

I would draw every picture I could get a hold of, I would even record gymnastic competitions on TV and pause the tape and quickly draw the frame before my VCR would cut me off 5 minutes later. (I was a pretty fast then.) Mostly I would get books and draw from those.



(Did every kid start drawing on school line paper?)

Then a little boy band stole my heart in 1998, *NSYNC. I was only a known fan for certain people, not many of my school friends, but I drew pictures of them constantly. By this time, my family had the internet and so the picture possibilities were endless. I printed every picture I could find, big or small. My patient mother bought a lot of printer ink back then. I started drawing *NSYNC for a reason, to learn how to draw men. With all the gymnast drawing I did, I didn’t draw any male figures, and when I tried, they came out pretty bad. So to practice, why not use the subject of my favorite music group? I finally got better at drawing da boys.


Look how artsy I was, adding color to the eyes.




I have, literally, hundreds of drawings of gymnasts and *NSYNC but with all that practice, I was able to improve in this craft.

This was my last drawing of *NSYNC, drawn in late 2000.20120815-202134.jpg

This one, of the 96 Olympic team was drawn in 1997,20120815-211819.jpg

And here it is redrawn in 2012.20120815-202341.jpg

You can always click on the pictures to see them larger.

That’s it for now. Keep drawing!

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