Downton Abbey: Finished

I know I already posted today, but since so many people seemed to really like the Downton Abbey work in progress I couldn’t wait to post the completed drawing.

First a few words about the drawing. I chose it, not just because I love the show, but because I love the dresses in this picture. I love that era in fashion, and so I wanted to try to draw it out. I’m not particularly great at drawing clothing since I spent many more years and practice drawing faces. My faces took a back seat to the dresses in this drawing and so they aren’t perfect either. And lastly, please don’t judge me on the lace (gloves, collars), I’m terrible at that and hardly tried. Well here it is. More Downton Abbey drawing will most likely be coming in the future.

Drawn entirely with a mechanical pencil on 11×14 drawing paper.

I love Lady Mary’s dress.

That’s it for now. Keep Drawing!

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