I’m going to take a little break from full body drawings and get back to the basics of just drawing faces for a little bit. I’ll have to post a work in progress sometime soon. But I’ll talk about fashion drawing for a second here.

OK not fashion fashion drawings, like this girl does on her blog, which is awesome, by the way, but just realistic portraits that just so happen to be from fashion spreads in a magazine. I wish I could do awesome fashion illustrations, but that’s not where my strength lies. But I do have a habit of keeping fashion photographs for years just in case I get the nerve to draw it, like this one:

I’ve had this picture since 2000! I’ll most likely never draw it. It is a little over the top.

My first successful drawing of clothes was this one here of Mandy Moore and Shane West in 2002.

I thought her skirt and shirt came out pretty good, even with the flower print.

My best drawing that I actually drew with patience was of Cate Blanchett.

It took a couple weeks, which, at the time, was the most time I ever spent on a drawing. I drew it in about 2005. I even entered it in the state fair, but didn’t get any ribbons.

This next drawing of Charlize Theron was interesting to draw. I started it in 2007, just to challenge myself. I challenged myself so much, I stopped drawing all together for 4 years. I didn’t finish it until early 2012.

I still have a lot of learning and practice to do on clothing, but I’m enjoying the process.

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