I have little memories associated with a lot of my drawings. I know exactly where I was and who I was with when drawing these pictures, and every time I look through them, the memories come back. I’m going to share some with you now.

Katie Holmes – October 2004

When I drew this Katie Holmes in Oct. of 2004, I was at school. Every day I got out of work at 4:30pm and my class didn’t start until 7pm. Instead of going home, which was really out of my way, I would just drive up to the school and either do homework, go the computer lab, go to Wal-Mart, or draw. I drew this sitting in my car. It was getting darker by the minute and I would intermittently turn the car lights on so I can see. But I didn’t leave them on because I didn’t want to use my cars gas or kill my battery.

Julie Andrews – January 2005

This is the first drawing I did in the year 2005. I drew it on New Years day. I was at my grandparents house, surrounded by family. I was sitting in the family room on the couch. I must add that this is one my favorite drawings I’ve ever done. I’m extremely proud it.

Johnny Depp – April 2004

The only Johnny Depp I’ve ever done. This one was also done at school waiting for my class to start. This time, I was sitting outside at a table, so it was a nice day. I remember it being breezy. Some random kid walked by me and told me that the drawing was looking good.

Adam Brody – April 2004

Drawn probably only a week after Johnny Depp, Adam here was drawn in the back seat of my friends car on a road trip. I’ve always been surprised by the way it turned out, it’s the best drawing I ever did in a car.

Bryce Dallas Howard – March 2005

I drew this one at work. I had a job that had a lot of down time. I drew this in a back office that I had recently moved into. I luckily didn’t have to talk on the phones anymore so drawing helped pass the time. I actually have a few drawings done at this particular job. And during this time in my life I carried my drawing stuff with me everywhere.

So all of these where done from April 2004-March 2005. I’ll have to do another memory post again with super old, and slightly bad drawings.

Keep drawing!




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