In about 2003 I was cruising the arts and crafts aisles of Micheal’s and came across scratchboard. I had tried it once in my high school art class, and although I wasn’t great at it, I really enjoyed it.

Since a few years had gone by and I was better at drawing, I decided to try it again.

The process was complicated, because I would need to draw it out first, and I didn’t want to do it on the scratchboard or else you will be able to see the eraser marks.

So I totally ended up cheating on these. First, I would trace the picture onto tracing paper by filling out the white with pencil. Then I would essentially make the tracing paper into a rubbing and transfer pencil lead onto the scratchboard surface. I’m sure it could’ve been less complicated than I made it out to be, I was just making it up as I went along. But once the scratchboard was ready I would scratch away the penciled-in part. Since drawing on paper is opposite of scratchboard it was weird for me to get used to. But I always loved the out come and simplicity of the finished pieces.

Sean Astin was the first one I did. You can tell too, I mean, look at his hand!

Elijah Wood was my second attempt, I think it turned out a little better.

Dominic Monaghan, I like this one, even though it’s super moody. (Can you tell I was on my Lord of Ring kick? And this isn’t the last one).

Orlando Bloom, again, pretty moody.

This one, of Cate Blanchett, is one of my favorites. I was proud of myself for thinking of taking out the background, the lighting looks awesome. (In my humble opinion.)

Not a LOTR actor. This is Kevin Spacey, and this is the largest scratchboard I’ve done. It’s an 8×10 while the rest of them are half that. I loved working on this one because I just had a feeling that it would end up looking plainly cool. I think I was right.

I haven’t done any scratchboard in about 6 years, but I still have some; maybe I’ll try it sometime.

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