Harry Potter

In honor of me re-reading the Harry Potter series, I’m going to share my Harry Potter portraits. I started doing these whenever one of the movies would come out. However, I only did it for the first 4 movies. I think I was getting tired of drawing when #5 came out and I wasn’t drawing at all when 6-8 were released. But enough lolly-gagging.

From HP and The Sorcerer’s Stone, I believe this picture was in the soundtrack jacket.

From HP and the Chamber of Secrets, the source is from Entertainment Weekly.

HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban, again from the cover of Entertainment Weekly

HP and the Goblet of Fire, I think this was from Entertainment Weekly as well. Hmm.

As a bonus, here is a favorite of mine. This was from the cover of Vanity Fair magazine. This one was fun to draw.

Have a great week and keep drawing!




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