Old Charcoal

Blog neglect is starting to become a habit. But I’m working it. Today we’re going back about 6 years to check out my charcoal drawings. For about a month I drew with charcoal but really only finished two drawings in the process.

I was also trying out different paper types. I don’t know the actual names of paper, but you can definitely see what I was using. For charcoal, I didn’t get as much contrast as I could have, but at least it has more than my pencil drawing did, so I can’t really be too disappointed in myself.

To draw these, I would always draw it out with pencil first, since it was easier to erase, then when I was satisfied with the proportions, I would use the charcoal pencils.

This first one is a drawing of William Powell, one of my favorite Classic Hollywood actors. I love him as much as Tom Hanks, and I’ve only seen about 3 of his movies, but The Thin Man is so great, and he is so lovable in My Man Godfrey.

This next one is Orson Welles. I love him as well, and I’ve always felt bad for how Hollywood treated him. The Third Man is one of my favorite movies of all time. And man did he have a beautiful voice.

I have a plan to pick up an unfinished drawing from 2006 and finishing it in charcoal. Whenever I get around to it I’ll post the starting “before” picture.

Until then, Keep drawing!

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