My name is Nicole and I’m addicted to collecting celebrity pictures.

This obsession began when I started drawing portraits. I would peruse the internet for hours and save pictures of my favorite drawing subject (‘NSYNC) on to floppy discs. (remember those?) I would print a lot of them off to draw from and I saved those print offs in a shoe box. Those 50 floppy discs are either now thrown away or collecting dust somewhere in my moms house, completely unreadable.

When I started to expand my portrait subjects to celebrities of all type, I would clip pictures from my moms People magazines, or steal them all together. The pictures I took from magazines, I kept on a clipboard; It’s what I had.

When I went off to college the collection got out of control. I bought magazines just to rip the pictures out, and now, over 10 years later, my collection looks like this:


_DSC0496About 12 years of magazine pictures, in chronological order too! I estimate that I have about 5,000 individual pictures in these folders. And yes, I even made movie picture collages for the covers.

Nowadays, I have a love/hate relationship with these. After my most recent move (and every move before that), these are the worst, because they are so darn heavy! I vowed to go through and get rid of a bunch of this collection but as I was going through them, I started to get all nostalgic and couldn’t part with anything. It’s practically a scrapbook of my 20’s. You can see the things I loved in pop culture and the inspiration to draw is all over this collection.

But these folders aren’t all of it.

_DSC0498This a file folder filled with computer print outs and small magazine clippings. These are all organized alphabetically by actors name.


And put in by size. It’s weird, I know, I’m OCD when it comes to this. I have tiny pictures that I don’t know why I kept, they are hardly any use for being a drawing source, but I still keep them.

But wait! There’s more!

With the ever changing advances in technology, I now have another way to add to my collection. The iPad:


I just sit and browse and save. Most of the time, I don’t print these off, so it doesn’t add to the paper weight of my magazine collection, so that’s good. Right?

I also have a bunch of magazines that I hadn’t torn up that take up space in other boxes and such. Sadly I’ve only drawn probably 5% of my actual picture collection, maybe even less, but I really see them as inspiring me to draw and want to make beautiful art. So they serve their purpose, I think. Or am I just making excuses?

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