Dakota Fanning

Here is the finished product from my last post.


It took a total of about 7 or maybe 8 hours to complete. The person who created the tutorial I followed said it took them about 27 hours to complete their drawing. I think it’s because they had a more detailed background and detailed clothing. The shirt Dakota is wearing here is lace; ugh, I hate drawing lace.

This drawing was interesting to do because it involved adding layers onto the face, which I knew was a technique, but never really tried. It seems to work better. My husband says the shading is more dynamic than usual. I love the way her hair turned out as well. The tutorial suggested a paint brush to help blend the hair and I loved the outcome. So I think I may draw like this more often.

That’s it for now. Keep Drawing!

2 thoughts on “Dakota Fanning”

  1. Hey, I just started trying to draw pencil sketches and stuff and I was wondering if you could please link me to this tutorial because your drawing turned out perfectly. 🙂

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