Back to the Beginning

I’m ready to reveal my first drawings, the very first, of people, at least. All of these drawings are of gymnasts. I’ve mentioned before that I was a big gymnastics fan and that love inspired me to get started in drawing.

Up until I was 13 years old, I enjoyed drawing but only drew animals. I was a big animal lover. I also copied Disney characters. At this time, I wanted to be an illustrator.

One day, sitting in class after finishing part of one of those assessment tests we did every year, I pulled out a small 6×4 inch notebook a drew a gymnast.



They got worse from there.


Finally I used a reference photo for my first portrait.

It’s of Amanda Borden

By the time I was on my second little notebook, I had improved, a little.



Then I started using reference pictures again. And pretty much stuck to them ever since.




Whew, I did it. I showed the dreaded beginnings. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? This is where I really started, and haven’t stopped (really) since.

Keep Drawing!

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