Uma Thurman and the Skirt That Nearly Broke Me

When I decided to draw this picture I thought, “Fun, pretty, not too complicated.” 9 hours into that skirt I was about ready to cry. But I didn’t give up because I liked how it was turning out. This took a total of about 15 hours to complete (12 hours on the skirt). I haven’t spent that much time on any drawing in a very long time.


Appreciate the skirt. Appreciate!

The source picture was taken for a 2005 Elle magazine and I want the outfit today.

It’s 11×14. 2B-6B pencil used, lots of blending stumping going on, kneaded eraser.

After this I’m currently cleansing the palate with a smaller drawing of just a face.

What’s your favorite Uma Thurman performance? I love the Kill Bill movies.

Keep Drawing!

4 thoughts on “Uma Thurman and the Skirt That Nearly Broke Me”

  1. Well done on completing the skirt! Really gives a lot of interest to the whole picture. I love drawing portraits in pencil so I’m glad I came across another artist! You’re definitely coming along nicely! Keep up the good work!

  2. Love the flowy skirt and her hair. Beautifully done! It’s funny how it’s not always the eyes or the face that draw all the attention in a portrait. Great work. 🙂

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