Meryl Streep

I’ve decided that I don’t like doing black backgrounds. I have a hard time making them work. But here is Meryl Streep.


It’s about an 8×11 drawing. HB-9B pencil used. About 8 hours to complete.

Maybe next time I won’t do a completely black background, but I was just going off the source picture which is an Herb Ritts photo from 1998.

Is it possible to pick the best or even a favorite Meryl Streep movie? I can’t choose, she’s too amazing in everything.

6 thoughts on “Meryl Streep”

  1. I think you did a good job but a little too pretty for her, unless this is the best photo ever taken of her. Maybe if you post the actual photo I could tell. But really liked the sketch and pretty quick time too!

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