Norman Reedus

When I have a bunch of works in progress, I get discouraged, so I drop everything and I do one simple portrait. This time I choose Norman Reedus, aka, Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead.


I didn’t really keep track of how long it took me, but not too long considering two kiddos taking over my life. But it was drawn on Bristol Vellum paper. HB-6B pencils.

I tried a new technique where I start by shading in the whole outline of the drawing with 2B pencil and just use a kneaded eraser to lift highlights, than add the darker shades. It worked out pretty well. I love the results of this one.

Now, honestly, I’m not a big fan of The Walking Dead. Yes, I have given it a chance, I’ve seen the show as far as the middle of the 3rd season. But I really don’t like zombies, and I end up having nightmares after intense episodes. However! I love Daryl.

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