Now in Technicolor!

I’ve finally taken the leap and tried out the colored pencil medium. I looked up a couple of tutorials and started with something small, the nose. This is Daniel Craig’s nose. It was the clearest picture I had.


I had fun doing this little exercise. I used 9 colors, well 7 really, the white and cream were used to burnish the colors together.  I think my experience with black and white drawings helped with this because I was able to determine where more contrast was needed to make it more realistic. I know it’s not perfect but it was a first try and I will definitely try this again.

Keep drawing!

5 thoughts on “Now in Technicolor!”

  1. Are you using Prismacolor pencils? I see a little waxy bloom on your drawing; this is something I typically avoid because once I lay that much pressure/color onto the paper my ability to blend other colors over top is greatly diminished. You may want to read up on waxy bloom–what it is and how to avoid it–when using colored pencils.

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