Steps To Doctor Who (and Other New Things)

I’ve taken pictures of another step by step process of a drawing. This time I choose the Eleventh Doctor of Doctor Who. I remember seeing the episode from season 7, “Nightmare in Silver”, in which the Doctor essentially ends up with a split personality for a bit, and I thought the screen shot with this alloy metal on his face was visually interesting. I found the exact picture I needed online and have finally drawn it. I’m pleased with it.

I began with a light outline in HB pencil.IMG_1474
Then made the lines darker.
Filled in the face with a 2B pencil. I do this to create the mid-tones because I’ve had a weakness of making my portraits too light. This sets me up for more contrasting tones.

Then I add some darker areas in the shadows and eyes. I also erase some general areas where the light hits the face.IMG_1471
Now I begin smoothing everything out more, mainly with a tissue. Then add the main detail lines in the metal piece.
I use a HB mechanical pencil and begin on the metal.
Metal completed. Well, first draft.
I now use a 4B pencil to work on the face some more and darken up shadows. I try making his skin look smoother which is difficult. It’s about this stage that I always think, “I need to try smooth paper, instead of vellum.” Maybe next time. I also started on the hair. I use a 4B pencil and start on the darkest part of the hair and start adding basic shapes.
Hair is still tough for me, but I think I’m getting better. I added the basic dark and highlights.
After a few more details on hair, I take a break and add the clothing. Pretty simple. I use a 2B to start and lay down everything. The corduroy collar wasn’t too hard. I filled it in with a solid 4B with appropriate shadow/highlight, then took the mechanical eraser and erased the lines. Then did my best with a sharp 4B to make then look like sharper ridges. If that makes sense.
I use a 6B to fill the bow tie and I try to leave the jacket soft but with a little bit of texture. I come back to that a little more later.
After a little more hair detail, and when I’m feeling almost done, I show it to my husband. I do this because he’s honest with me about errors he sees. After spending 10 hours on a drawing, fresh eyes are needed. So with his feedback a added some darker shadows around the jaw line, ear, and darkened the jacket shoulder while lightening up the shirt collar.
IMG_1462I realized with this portrait, that the lighting in the source photo is a little flat, which make for kind of a flat drawing. This makes me have to bump up the shadows and details more so it can really stand out. I wanted this drawing to be dynamic and wanted the image to make an impact on you as the show first did to me. Who knows if I actually achieved that.

Finished product.

In other news, I decided to revisit my high school art class days and a made a lithograph block print. I used Daniel Craig from James Bond. Why not? This is experimental and I’m just trying to do something new and different for me.


I got interviewed again. This time by Shannon Orr from the blog “Mastering The Art of Being Me” for a weekly series of interviews she’s doing with creatives around the country. She’s super creative, talented, generally awesome and also my sister-in-law so click here to see the interview!

As always, Keep Drawing!

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