My Own NSYNC Poster

I have to talk about this. When I was senior in high school, NSYNC was at its peak of popularity and I was a huge fan. I’ve mentioned a long time ago here that I loved drawing the NSYNC guys in my early days of portrait drawing.

So here’s what happened. I had learned about putting a grid on a picture can be used to easily enlarge it for drawing. Rolling Stone magazine had this picture of NSYNC in one of their issues.

So I put a rather small grid on the back of a copy of the picture. Numbered each square and cut out the squares. I thought this would be fun to make into a puzzles of sorts. I would blow up these tiny squares onto a 3×3 inch paper, numbering the larger pieces as I went so I could easily put the drawing together when I was done. This method would allow me to draw during classes at school, one square at a time. Which I did.

This drawing would end up being 3 ft wide and 4 ft tall. Crazy big.

So it took me over a month to complete all of the squares. I laid them out and glue sticked them onto two poster boards, taped together, which made the perfect size I needed. Then I fixed any errors and lines that didn’t match up, but I was surprised how well everything turned out. I then thought in my ambitious mind, “this needs color”, so I used colored pencil for the first time ever for portraits on this.

I wasn’t done yet. You see, NSYNC is wearing glitter suits! I’ve got to put glitter on those suits! (My 16 year old brain thought.) So I bought white glitter, black glitter, and of course, silver glitter. The reason for 3 glitters is because of the shadows and highlights on the suits won’t be seen with just silver glitter. So I used good ol fashioned Elmer’s glue and would paint it on and glitter what was needed.

This project took, if I remember correctly, over 2 months. I finished it a week after I graduated high school, May 2000. This drawing is still barely clinging to my old bedroom wall in my moms house. And it freaks my husband out whenever we have to sleep in there. Who knows what while happen to the drawing in the end, but there it remains for now.

Completed project.

Glitter Detail





Last, but not least, Justin

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