Hugh Jackman (With Video!)

I’m back and making speed drawing videos again. I had to figure it all out again since I don’t have access to the same equipment as before. I had to use my iphone to film it all. Although the quality is not great, I’m happy I was able to do it successfully.

I chose to draw Hugh Jackman. I’m somewhat happy with the result, but his face is wider than it should be. I checked the proportions over and over again and could not figure out where my mistake was so I just went with it.

Photo Mar 05, 10 50 40 AM

I’m ready to do another drawing video, source picture is picked out and everything, so now to get it started.

One thought on “Hugh Jackman (With Video!)”

  1. Great job as usual Nicole! One side does look slightly wider & younger but my face is like that, from my Bell’s palsy or sun damage from that side of my face being exposed to sun while driving, so maybe he has had one of those same issues in his life.😉

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