Little dreams

I mentioned that I would talk about drawings from the past so let’s get started with that.

When I was in 3rd grade, I decided that I wanted to be an illustrator when I grew up. I liked writing little stories and illustrating them. I would copy cartoon drawings and draw animals. Alas that dream didn’t come to fruition (is that the word?), I discovered my love for the realistic portrait instead. When I was 13, the 1996 Olympic gymnasts blew my mind and I became a fast fan. For some reason, I decided to start drawing gymnasts. It was fun and it’s the only thing I drew for a good year.

I would draw every picture I could get a hold of, I would even record gymnastic competitions on TV and pause the tape and quickly draw the frame before my VCR would cut me off 5 minutes later. (I was a pretty fast then.) Mostly I would get books and draw from those.



(Did every kid start drawing on school line paper?)

Then a little boy band stole my heart in 1998, *NSYNC. I was only a known fan for certain people, not many of my school friends, but I drew pictures of them constantly. By this time, my family had the internet and so the picture possibilities were endless. I printed every picture I could find, big or small. My patient mother bought a lot of printer ink back then. I started drawing *NSYNC for a reason, to learn how to draw men. With all the gymnast drawing I did, I didn’t draw any male figures, and when I tried, they came out pretty bad. So to practice, why not use the subject of my favorite music group? I finally got better at drawing da boys.


Look how artsy I was, adding color to the eyes.




I have, literally, hundreds of drawings of gymnasts and *NSYNC but with all that practice, I was able to improve in this craft.

This was my last drawing of *NSYNC, drawn in late 2000.20120815-202134.jpg

This one, of the 96 Olympic team was drawn in 1997,20120815-211819.jpg

And here it is redrawn in 2012.20120815-202341.jpg

You can always click on the pictures to see them larger.

That’s it for now. Keep drawing!


One of my latest drawings is this one of Steven Spielberg. Image

It didn’t take me too long, probably about 5 hours total. I thought it turned out pretty great. I’m trying to get better at hair, which includes facial hair. My main trouble is when you have white hairs. Spielberg has plenty of those these days and I don’t think I captured that very well. I’ll work on that.

Drawing Evolution

Hello, I’m Nicole, and I’m a *ahem* portrait artist. I have a hard time calling myself an artist since I mostly do it as a hobby. But I decided to start this blog as a spot to talk about drawing and show off what I’m working on, like this: 20120810-222935.jpg
I’ll also be talking a lot about drawings from the past, things that inspire me, and other stories that I just feel like telling. So stay tuned and enjoy.




My Drawing Journey