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Original Art Nouveau in Color

I mentioned before that I’ve been loving art nouveau and Alphonse Mucha. Well, I finally created my own original art nouveau piece. It was fun and I’ll most likely do another one at some point. Since this was my first. I kept the design really simple. My biggest challenge is color. I really need to practice with choosing a color palette that works, and stick with it.

This was how I did this. I started with the drawing of the woman, staying minimal. I then, framed it up so I know where the rest of the design is going. This was only an 8×10 inch paper so I didn’t have much room to work with. I went through my Mucha books to gather inspiration for backgrounds. I choose to do a simple European countryside look and sun bursts on top. After laying it all out in pencil, I traced onto another paper with brown colored pencil and went on filling in the rest of the color from there and blended it in with colored pencil blending pencil and marker.

I used Prismacolor pencils and I think this only took a total of about 6 hours

In conclusion, I’m very proud of myself for doing this. I have no experience in art like this, but it’s not completely terrible. Yay! What do you think?

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Another Sunday Quickie: Vintage Charcoal

I surprised even myself with this one. It took me about an hour to complete, not counting laying out the grid I used. So much fun to do.

I competed the hair by using the side of a charcoal stick and making the hair shapes, smoothing it out, and adding in simple details with an eraser and white charcoal. I’m going to try another drawing soon using these techniques to make sure it wasn’t a fluke.

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One Year Later

Hello! It’s been a while and I’ll explain in a moment. But first, Happy Anniversary to my blog! One year ago I started this blog so I can have a designated space to talk about my drawings, old and new. I honestly didn’t expect more than some family members to read it but I currently have 67 followers! Thank you so much for that! It feels good for a learning artist like me to know that people are actually seeing my stuff and care to see more.

When I realized the one year mark was coming up I decided to redraw the first drawing I finished after starting this blog which was this one.Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey

I wanted to show that I had improved in my craft over the year so here you go, the new and improved Downton Abbey Sisters.DowntonAbbeySisNew

I will need to get a better picture of this drawing at some point. It’s a little blurry.

A little side by side comparison.DowntonComp

I would say that there are definite improvements. The faces are closer likenesses, shading is improved, better detailing, even more contrast. Did I improve on lace? Heck no! Lace is awful.

I was going to add some background to the new one, but decided not to so it would be a clearer comparing drawing.

So I have improved this year! Yay! Now for the reason for no updates in a couple months. Well, I think it was a mix of lack of motivation and being overwhelmed. I currently have 7 uncompleted drawings hanging around. SEVEN! I’ve started all of them over the past 3-4 months. I think they’re looking good and for some reason I lose interest in it and stop. The Downton Abbey was first completed drawing since Uma Thurman, and that was in May! I’ll have to figure something out to get me really motivated again.

Anyways. Thanks again for reading this blog. I appreciate the support. I promise (mostly to myself) to keep updating and improving.

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Ziegfeld Girl on the Grid

So a lot of portrait artists, I’ve noticed, use a grid to draw. I don’t always use it but find it very helpful when blowing up a picture to an extra large size or if proportions aren’t working out. I decided to go ahead and use it on my latest drawing. I had found some beautiful pictures of some Ziegfeld Girls on www.doctormacro.com. So first I chose my picture, printed it out and placed my grid.

Then draw a light grid on my paper.

Now to mix things up for me, I just drew it out, row by row.

After some blending, tweaking and such, here is the finished piece.

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Downton Abbey: Finished

I know I already posted today, but since so many people seemed to really like the Downton Abbey work in progress I couldn’t wait to post the completed drawing.

First a few words about the drawing. I chose it, not just because I love the show, but because I love the dresses in this picture. I love that era in fashion, and so I wanted to try to draw it out. I’m not particularly great at drawing clothing since I spent many more years and practice drawing faces. My faces took a back seat to the dresses in this drawing and so they aren’t perfect either. And lastly, please don’t judge me on the lace (gloves, collars), I’m terrible at that and hardly tried. Well here it is. More Downton Abbey drawing will most likely be coming in the future.

Drawn entirely with a mechanical pencil on 11×14 drawing paper.

I love Lady Mary’s dress.

That’s it for now. Keep Drawing!