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Hugh Jackman (With Video!)

I’m back and making speed drawing videos again. I had to figure it all out again since I don’t have access to the same equipment as before. I had to use my iphone to film it all. Although the quality is not great, I’m happy I was able to do it successfully.

I chose to draw Hugh Jackman. I’m somewhat happy with the result, but his face is wider than it should be. I checked the proportions over and over again and could not figure out where my mistake was so I just went with it.

Photo Mar 05, 10 50 40 AM

I’m ready to do another drawing video, source picture is picked out and everything, so now to get it started.

Ewan McGregor

I went through a rut of no motivation. I wanted to draw but nothing was striking me as a desirable subject. I told my husband that I needed some inspiration. He sent me to the Phoenix Art Museum, by myself, to look at great art and get motivated. It was a great idea. I can always get something from other art, even if it’s not in a medium I use. I came away from that museum trip the thought that I just needed to start something. So the next day, I started Ewan McGregor.

It still takes me a while to draw with the new method I’ve learned, but I love the results.

It’s 8×10 inches. On Canford toned drawing paper. 2H-8B graphite pencil and white chalk pencil. About 12 hours.

Do you love Ewan McGregor? My favorite of his movies is Moulin Rouge. I also love Down With Love and Big Fish. If you haven’t seen it, I also recommend his motorcycle journey documentaries, Long Way Round and Long Way Down (my favorite of the two).

Keep Drawing!

Tom Hanks with Video!

I have a big, gooey, mushy, soft spot for Tom Hanks. He’s my all time favorite actor. I’ve loved him since Splash and BIG. Forrest Gump is my favorite movie of all time. Tom Hanks just knows how to put a smile on everyone’s face. He’s pretty much the only human being in Hollywood I really really want to meet.

In honor of Mr. Hanks becoming a Kennedy Center Honoree, I decided to draw his portrait and I did a speed drawing too!

Funny thing I’ve discovered after doing two videos. I draw much faster on camera. This drawing took 2 1/2 hours! Most drawings always take me about 8 hours. However, this particular drawing is much lighter in detail than I normally do.

I hope you like enjoy it!


Kate Winslet

I may be on a weird “back to my old habits” kick. My latest two drawings, this one of Kate Winslet and another I’ll show later with my next speed drawing video, have ended up being a little lighter in tone and detail. I don’t know why, maybe these two particular drawings just felt “finished” at these points, I don’t know. But I’m still happy.


By Monday I’ll have my next speed drawing video up and running. Woo hoo!

3 New Drawings

I’ve been drawing a bit over the past month and forgot to show it on my blog! Silly me. My family went on a quick trip to visit/meet some family and while we were gone, I was determined to get some drawing in. I didn’t get much in but I got a start on this Patrick Stewart.


By the time I got the face finished, I was ready to move on to something else. So I just outlined the clothing and called it good. It’s a 5×8 inch size.

I decided to do kind of a companion drawing, so why not put together the bromance of the year. I did a quicker version of Ian McKellan here. Both of these reference pics came from Vanity Fair.


A lot more sketchy. I didn’t feel like doing more. 5×8 inch.

And most recently I finished this one of the lovely Marion Cotillard.


It’s 11×14. It didn’t turn out as smooth as I hoped but it’s fine.

I’m also starting to actually scan these drawings instead of taking pictures of them. I think they look a little better since they then stay perfectly proportioned. Still working on my editing skills though.

Lately I’ve been looking for new reference pictures on Pinterest. I’ve been finding gorgeous pictures, but the bad thing is that I’ve been finding too many! One good picture leads to many more that are even better. So I’m a little overwhelmed and don’t know what to draw next.  I’ve kind of been wanting to draw a group picture. Like 90’s faves, *Nsync, or the cast of Friends, or Will & Grace. I’ve been watching and listening to those lately. The bad thing is that I’ve been ADD about my drawings, if it takes longer than 3 days to do, I want to stop and do something new. So group drawings probably aren’t the best idea. Eek!


Hello! I got to do a drawing and it was so fun. I missed it so much. I chose one of my favorite actresses, Cate Blanchett. Congrats to her on her lead actress Oscar. Well deserved.


This was done on 11×14 drawing paper (the drawing’s about 8×10). No grid necessary. HB-8B pencil. Kneaded eraser. I have no idea how long I spent on it. Source picture came from Entertainment Weekly from a couple months ago.

What’s your favorite Cate movie/performance? My favorite movie she’s in is The Lord of the Rings, because I’m a nerd. My favorite performance from her is Elizabeth.

Keep Drawing!

Sean Connery

I wanted to work on a portrait of an older person with wrinkles. I had found this picture of Sean Connery a few months back and thought it was pretty cool. I think it’s an unused promo picture for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.


This one took a while. About 17 hours total. I drew this on Bristol vellum paper. HB-8B pencil used.

I hope the wrinkles look good. On DeviantArt there are a lot of excellent portraits where artist make wrinkles beautiful. But there are just as many, if not more, where the face just looks dirty with wrinkles. I hope mine is more of the former.

What’s your favorite Sean Connery movie/performance? My favorite is Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

I hope you enjoy this one. I really enjoyed drawing it.

Leonardo DiCaprio

How can we ladies not fall for the baby-face of Leo DiCaprio? This drawing was particularly challenging because I had a hard time not making him look so young. I wanted him to look more Howard Hughes age and less Arnie Grape age (I think the source picture was taken when he was nominated for his Oscar for The Aviator). With a trim here and deeper shadows there, I think I finally got him out of the Jack Dawson look.


11×14, 2B-6B pencil, tortillon, tissue, 8 hours.

The first thing I worked on was the hair. For some reason it was important to me for it to look good this time.

What’s your favorite Leo movie? Hard for me to say. It might be Inception or Catch Me If You Can, or even Titanic (says my 15 year old self).

Keep Drawing!

Clive Owen and digital editing

I often wonder while browsing through deviantart.com how some of the top pencil artist get some perfect blacks in their drawings, without a blemish or visible stroke. I think I’ve figured it out: Digital editing. Whenever I finish a drawing, I first take a picture of it. I do this outside since I don’t have good even light in my house. Then I import it into photoshop and do some adjustments to make sure it looks as close to the original as possible. Sometimes that doesn’t translate too pretty when there is tons of black, in my opinion.


Graphite is reflective. So it’s difficult to make it look great and truly dark. I like the drawing in person but on the computer it’s lacking.

So I took a chance and went bold on this one and really darkened it up while still trying to make look like a drawing. This was the result.


Better or no? I told my husband that I felt like I was cheating since the drawing isn’t black, it’s gray. He assured me it’s not cheating since I was adjusting the drawing to be better viewed on a computer screen. He may be right.

Anyway, about the drawing itself. I followed a tutorial about how to get detailed skin tone and texture. I had a blast doing it and loved the result. Amazingly, this drawing only took a total of 5 hours! I guess I was just into drawing this one.

It’s  11×14, 2B-8B pencil used and all that usual stuff.

What’s your favorite Clive Owen movie/performance? My favorite is Children of Men.

Annette Funicello

When I heard about Annette Funicello passing, I was kind of saddened. I really enjoyed the Beach Party movies and her music. I was introduced to her at a young age and always liked her genuine goodness. So, as a tribute, here is her portrait.AnnetteFunicello

That hair. It wasn’t necessarily difficult, but it was a challenge. Since modern hair styles are more free flowing, a hair out of place doesn’t make much of a difference. But with these 60’s bouffants, every hair is in place, so more time needs to be taken than what I normally spend on hair. I like the result.

11×14, 2B-8B pencil, tortillon, brush, tissue, 8 hours.