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I’m Still Drawing

So I’ve been absent for a couple of months, but I’ve still been drawing a bit here and there. In late June I finished a portrait of my son.

Photo Jun 28, 8 05 43 AM

I always find children to be difficult to draw because of the rounded and less defined features. Although I wouldn’t call this drawing one of my best, I’m proud of myself for doing it, and will most likely do my other son soon.

Just for fun one day I drew hair.

Photo Jul 02, 10 05 55 PM

It was fun and relaxing to do since mistakes mean nothing when there is no face included.

Next was a figure drawing.

Photo Jul 07, 9 35 51 PM

This one was fun. I used graphite powder to cover the whole surface of the paper, then i used my mechanical eraser to erase the outline. Kneaded eraser and pencil was used for the rest of the modeling of the figure. I did this in about 90 minutes.

I’ve mentioned before that I wanted to do a master copy and most likely from a Mucha drawing. Well, I finally did one! Yay me!

Photo Aug 10, 9 27 19 PM

This is just an iphone photo so some of the details are lost. I feel like I learned a little something about creating expression and texture with simple lines. Although I may not have put as much time into this as I should have, I was happy to do it.

I hope you enjoyed this. Follow me on instagram, @nicoledrawing, where I usually do post my most recent works.

Keep Drawing!

Gymnastics Lovers

I like to see the different search terms people use to get to my blog. I’ve seen “drawing evolution” a bunch of times, like it was a school assignment or something, and “how to draw Shailene Woodley”. The most common I see multiple times a week is “gymnastics drawings” or “how to draw gymnasts”, something along those lines. Bottom line, people love the gymnast drawings.

It had been a while since I had actually drawn a gymnast so I thought I’d give the people what they want and do a new one. (I’ll try scanning this drawing later, the photo didn’t turn out so well.)


This one is of McKayla Maroney. I drew her a while ago here in 2012. I did this drawing the same way I’ve been doing the Bargue drawings. No more grid method here, the string for measuring gave much better results. I also did all the dark tones first before moving on to mid and lighter tones.

2H-2B pencil was used and it’s 11×14 size.

So, thank you to all those gymnastics lovers out there for stopping in and checking out my stuff. I hope you like it.

Keep Drawing!