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Original Art Nouveau in Color

I mentioned before that I’ve been loving art nouveau and Alphonse Mucha. Well, I finally created my own original art nouveau piece. It was fun and I’ll most likely do another one at some point. Since this was my first. I kept the design really simple. My biggest challenge is color. I really need to practice with choosing a color palette that works, and stick with it.

This was how I did this. I started with the drawing of the woman, staying minimal. I then, framed it up so I know where the rest of the design is going. This was only an 8×10 inch paper so I didn’t have much room to work with. I went through my Mucha books to gather inspiration for backgrounds. I choose to do a simple European countryside look and sun bursts on top. After laying it all out in pencil, I traced onto another paper with brown colored pencil and went on filling in the rest of the color from there and blended it in with colored pencil blending pencil and marker.

I used Prismacolor pencils and I think this only took a total of about 6 hours

In conclusion, I’m very proud of myself for doing this. I have no experience in art like this, but it’s not completely terrible. Yay! What do you think?

Keep Drawing!

Art Nouveau Inspired Done

Here is the completed drawing. I had a lot of fun figuring out the design details that would work with what I started with. Since I don’t have design and illustration skills, I needed to look online and mix and match from what I found.

Also, I know the actual portrait is not exactly period correct, since art nouveau was at its peek at the turn of the 20th century, and this picture is from a vintage 1920’s photo. Oh well, still works for me.

Keep Drawing!

Art Nouveau

While reading up on Classical Drawing, most courses have you do a “master copy”. I haven’t done this yet, but I have looked for some master artists pencil drawings, and I’ve discovered Alphonse Mucha’s sketches.
After seeing these, illustration seemed possible. Illustration is not my strong suit. Ironic, considering that I wanted to be an illustrator when I was younger. But I thought I should just try a little art nouveau style in a drawing. This is a work in progress of course, so not very nouveau-ish yet, but I will be adding more elements.

Something New

You blog readers may have just witnessed a new step in my evolution. Mixed media. I mentioned in my last post that I was wanting to try out pen and ink with watercolor. Well, I bought the stuff and just gave it a go.


Here is my first attempt. I know the paint is not much to be admired, but I did just jump in with no practice or knowledge of what to do. I love the actual portrait part, especially the hair.

By the way, this is supposed to be Emma Stone. It looks nothing like her, I know. I made mistakes in the drawing but wasn’t concentrating on that part of this piece.

What I did was this: First, I pencil drew the face and outlined the hair, then I used charcoal pencil to complete the face details. I used an artist pen to outline the hair then went into the paint and got what you see. I outlined the hair again, and here we are.

It was really fun and I’m going to keep trying this. But I’ll practice with the paint part before I attempt anything like this again.

In the mean time, I am still drawing of course and I’m almost done with a new one to be posted soon.

Keep Drawing!

Some people blow my mind…

With creativity. Browsing through Pinterest today I came across this artist work. She’s a Singaporean artist and she mixes drawings/illustrations with embroidery. I thinks it’s really beautiful.


I haven’t been drawing much this past week, or doing anything really creative. I’ve been a little overwhelmed with the amount of projects I’ve accumulated, and a little discouraged about some others. I think I need to just step back to basics and just draw for a while. I do have a drawing almost done, so I’ll post the finished drawing soon.

Moments of Change

So I started drawing portraits when I was about 14. My drawing style didn’t change or improve until I was 16. One day my drawings typically looked like this:

That’s Harrison Ford, in case you couldn’t tell. They were basically all line drawings, super simple and kind of sketchy. I could finish a drawing in 20 minutes or less (usually less).

The next day, I took my time on a drawing and it came out looking like this:

This one is of Matt Damon. I know it’s not a great drawing, but at the time, it was the best I had ever done. I spent my whole English class (about an hour) drawing it. I showed it to a friend and announced, “I FIGURED IT OUT! I’m supposed to draw exactly what I see!” This may be a “duh” moment for you but to me it was an “a-ha” moment. It was the major turning point in my drawing.

I came across my first “redraw”, and if memory serves my correctly, I drew these two pictures about a week apart, maybe two.

My favorite, Tom Hanks. I wanted to redraw it again. But I don’t have the source picture, but I know exactly where it came from (the cover of Biography magazine). I’ve scoured Google images for it and couldn’t find it.

My most recent major improvement was in July of 2003. This may not seem like a noticeable change to most people, but it’s obvious to me.

I drew this picture of Hugh Grant and felt that it looked fine. But the next day I tweaked my approach of drawing by changing the way I do an outline before really filling it in. It made all the difference to me. The very next day, I drew this:

Viggo Mortenson. I started to spend more time than ever on each drawing. Not all of my drawings have been perfect since, and I’m not proud of all of them, but seeing the little improvements over the years makes me proud overall.

I did have a change in how I draw occur this year, but don’t really have visual examples. It’s mostly in my attitude toward drawing. And I’m enjoying it now more than ever!


I’m going to take a little break from full body drawings and get back to the basics of just drawing faces for a little bit. I’ll have to post a work in progress sometime soon. But I’ll talk about fashion drawing for a second here.

OK not fashion fashion drawings, like this girl does on her blog, which is awesome, by the way, but just realistic portraits that just so happen to be from fashion spreads in a magazine. I wish I could do awesome fashion illustrations, but that’s not where my strength lies. But I do have a habit of keeping fashion photographs for years just in case I get the nerve to draw it, like this one:

I’ve had this picture since 2000! I’ll most likely never draw it. It is a little over the top.

My first successful drawing of clothes was this one here of Mandy Moore and Shane West in 2002.

I thought her skirt and shirt came out pretty good, even with the flower print.

My best drawing that I actually drew with patience was of Cate Blanchett.

It took a couple weeks, which, at the time, was the most time I ever spent on a drawing. I drew it in about 2005. I even entered it in the state fair, but didn’t get any ribbons.

This next drawing of Charlize Theron was interesting to draw. I started it in 2007, just to challenge myself. I challenged myself so much, I stopped drawing all together for 4 years. I didn’t finish it until early 2012.

I still have a lot of learning and practice to do on clothing, but I’m enjoying the process.